Hunter Biden: Tax Evader Who Plays Victim & Blames GOP

The scandalous son of President Joe Biden, Hunter, is pointing fingers and playing the victim again, as he faces a slew of new indictments for tax evasion. In a recent podcast episode, Hunter lashed out, claiming that those calling him out for his wrongdoing are just trying to take down his dad’s presidency. He accused Republicans of deliberately targeting him to cause harm to his father, lamenting that they are trying to “destroy a presidency.”

Despite the mountain of evidence against him, Hunter tries to dodge responsibility by using his drug and sex addiction as an excuse for his illegal activities, rather than owning up to his actions. He also tries to deflect blame onto others, citing Republican lawmakers Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar as examples of people who are “suffering” and “sick” and are simply attacking him due to their own personal traumas.

And of course, what would a Hunter Biden interview be without blaming former President Trump? Hunter accused Trump of being the root cause of the “underlying sickness” in the U.S., claiming that he “gave voice” to angry and violent people. It seems like blaming Trump has become a reflex for the Biden family.

This is not the first time Hunter has found himself in legal trouble. In addition to the new tax charges, he is also facing federal charges for possessing a gun while using narcotics. Furthermore, he previously pleaded guilty to charges related to his shady business dealings and tax evasion, although his plea deal ultimately fell through.

It seems that Hunter Biden just can’t escape the consequences of his actions, but instead of taking responsibility, he continues to blame others and play the victim card. And so the saga of the Biden family’s legal woes continues, with Hunter at the center of it all.

Written by Staff Reports

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