Hunter Biden Uses Addiction Excuse in Outlandish Op-Ed

Hunter Biden, in an op-ed published in USA Today, once again played the victim card, claiming that his struggles with addiction are being used as a “political weapon” by conservative media and Republicans. He argued that his personal battle with addiction could discourage others from seeking help. While it’s good that he is trying to get sober, his attempts to shift blame onto others is just another example of the entitlement mentality that runs in his family.

Hunter complained about being the target of investigations and accused Republicans of going after him to bring down his father, President Biden. Well, it’s not that hard to see why he’s a target. He has a history of shady business dealings and has allegedly made millions of dollars off of them. Republicans are simply shedding light on these questionable actions, but Hunter wants to play the victim card instead.

But let’s not forget the facts. Hunter has a laundry list of trouble, including driving under the influence while on his way to meet prostitutes and getting kicked out of the Navy for using cocaine. It’s no wonder Republicans are suspicious of his actions and want to hold him accountable. And now, we have the House Oversight Committee releasing a memo alleging that Hunter received $40,000 in “laundered” money from a Chinese government-linked company. The evidence keeps piling up against him.

It’s clear that Hunter is desperate to redirect the spotlight away from his questionable businesses. But sorry Hunter, the truth has a funny way of catching up to you. Instead of blaming others, maybe it’s time to take responsibility for your actions and face the consequences like everyone else. It’s about time you stop playing the victim and start living up to the standards that the American people expect from their leaders.

Written by Staff Reports

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