Hunter’s Hill Tantrum: Dodges Facts, GOP Fires Back!

Hunter Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, caused quite a commotion on Capitol Hill when he finally showed up for his closed-door deposition. And boy, did he come in hot! The younger Biden didn’t waste any time before making outrageous claims and pointing fingers at “MAGA Republicans.” He shook his fists and declared that the GOP is out to ruin his daddy’s presidency with baseless accusations about his shady overseas business deals. But come on, Hunter, who do you think you’re fooling here?

But of course, the Republicans weren’t having any of it. They quickly hit back, listing the four key facts that will “NEVER CHANGE” in this whole messy ordeal. First off, Hunter sat on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, despite having no qualifications. And surprise, surprise, Burisma was pushy and wanted him to use his daddy’s influence to help them out. What a coincidence, because Joe Biden did just that! It’s like father, like son, right?

And let’s not forget, just last week, Hunter was slapped with a bunch of felony tax evasion charges. It’s like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, huh? It’s no wonder why House Speaker Mike Johnson and the gang are pushing for an impeachment inquiry against ol’ Joe. The facts are clear, they say. It’s about time the American people get some real answers.

So, Hunter may have rolled in with all his dramatics and deflections, but the truth just can’t be covered up that easily. It looks like this whole Biden family saga is far from over. Grab some popcorn, folks, because this political soap opera just took another wild turn.

Written by Staff Reports

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