Iranian Minister Applauds US Campus Unrest, Ignores Own Nation’s Brutality

Iranian Foreign Minister Amir-Abdollahian stirred the pot by cheering on the recent violent anti-Semitic protests erupting on American college campuses. He lauded the demonstrators for taking a stand against the “Israeli regime” and criticized the “American police and security forces” for trying to restore order. In his eyes, the crackdown on these protests highlights America’s blind support for Israel’s so-called war crimes.

This Iranian official seems to have a knack for pointing fingers while conveniently forgetting Iran’s own brutal suppression of dissent. While America gives protesters a fair trial, in Iran, dissidents face beatings, imprisonment, or even death for minor infractions like not wearing a headscarf properly. A man was even sentenced to death for singing a rap song that didn’t sit well with the regime. Talk about zero chill.

Not to be outdone, Iranian state media chimed in, hailing the American campus protests as heroic acts in support of Hamas terrorists. They whined about how harshly American authorities cracked down on the misguided youths occupying universities. Strangely enough, they failed to mention the terrorists’ role in starting conflicts or mention the atrocities committed by Hamas in the name of their cause.

The campus protests took a darker turn as they spiraled into hate-fueled violence, leading to the cancellation of USC’s graduation ceremony due to security concerns. The valedictorian’s speech advocating for the genocide of Israelis certainly didn’t help matters. It seems like these protests are not just about raising awareness but also about inciting hatred and division.

In the end, it’s ironic how Iran, a country notorious for its human rights abuses and oppressive regime, has the audacity to lecture America on freedom and justice. Maybe they should focus on cleaning up their own backyard before throwing stones at others.

Written by Staff Reports

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