Jeff Bezos Just Issued a WARNING to Americans About Biden’s Failing Economy

The world is in the midst of a recession, and soon a depression will follow. Adding to this is the rising cost of fuel and everyday products, which Biden is being referred to as Biden’s dark winter. Now, Jeff Bezos is warning people about the impending doom and misery.

According to Newsmax, Bezos warned Americans should avoid taking risks in order to avoid a recession in 2023. 

In an interview with CNN Business, Bezos advised consumers to avoid buying big-ticket items such as cars and televisions.

Biden’s poor leadership is causing the world to experience a shortage that will affect every aspect of our lives.

The diesel stockpiles in the US have dropped to their lowest point in over 70 years, which is alarming the energy providers and the Biden administration. The American Federation of Labor has requested the Departments of Agriculture, Energy, and Transportation to investigate if the government was involved in the issue.

According to Reed Rubinstein, the AFL-CIO’s director of oversight, Biden’s policies have caused the US to become a net importer of oil. In just two years, this country has become dependent on foreign sources of energy.

The president has blamed the energy companies for not investing enough in the refining industry. He also threatened to tax their profits on October 31. The American Petroleum Institute and other industry groups claimed that this would lead to higher prices and discourage investment.
According to Rubinstein, the AFL-CIO will release findings of its investigation to the public so that the public can see how the government knew about the policies that led to this crisis. Congress could also investigate the matter.

It feels like America is in a third world country due to the various factors that have affected the country, such as the diesel shortages, the rising prices of gas, and the food shortages. Back in the past, it was believed that the country would run out of diesel fuel.

The warning from Bezos is just more reason for concern. These are just some of the factors that have caused the crisis, and the reason why is due to the policies of Joe Biden. These things would not have happened under Trump.

In a message to the American people, Biden said that the country is going to experience a dark winter. He urged the people to prepare for the worst.

Written by Staff Reports

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