Jesse Watters Exposes Trump Haters: Slams Co-Host, Defends America’s Business Icon!

During a recent episode of “The Five” on the widely popular Fox News channel, Jesse Watters, a co-host on the show, didn’t hold back in setting the record straight with his fellow panelist, Jessica Tarlov. The discussion was all about President Donald Trump’s legal battles, but things quickly got heated when Tarlov insinuated that people wouldn’t vote for a “convicted felon.” Cue the eye roll.

Watters wasted no time in putting Tarlov in her place, mocking her lack of real estate knowledge by pointing out that she’s just a renter. Ouch! He then proudly showcased Trump’s impressive real estate empire, reminding everyone of the iconic Trump-owned buildings that dominate the Manhattan skyline. Take that, Jessica! It’s always refreshing to see someone stand up for the successes of a true American businessman like Trump.

Not stopping there, Watters went on to highlight the stark differences between Trump and Joe Biden when it comes to accomplishments. He questioned Biden’s track record, wondering out loud, “What has Joe Biden built?” It’s a valid point. Trump has not only created thousands of jobs for hardworking Americans but has also contributed to the success of banks and investors in our great nation. Meanwhile, Biden’s resume seems to be missing those tangible achievements that speak volumes about a leader’s economic prowess.

As if things couldn’t get any more dramatic, Tarlov found herself in legal hot water over her false claims regarding Tony Bobulinski’s legal expenses. This liberal commentator falsely alleged that Bobulinski’s fees were covered by a pro-Trump Super PAC, but Bobulinski set the record straight, denying Tarlov’s fabrications. You really have to question the morals of someone who spreads such misinformation without any regard for the truth.

Fast forward to the legal showdown between Trump and Alvin Bragg, the progressive Manhattan district attorney. It seems like Bragg is hell-bent on taking down Trump, as reflected in the elevated charges against the former president. But let’s not forget the convenient gag order that prevents Trump from voicing his opinions on the case. It’s almost as if they’re trying to silence the man who dared to challenge the political status quo.

And just when you thought the chaos couldn’t escalate further, Trump’s entrance into a criminal trial coincided with the exit of his last Republican opponent, clearing the path for a face-off with President Biden. With other legal matters hanging in the balance, it’s evident that Trump’s adversaries are doing everything in their power to distract from the real issues at hand. But true conservatives know better than to fall for these theatrics. Let’s hope justice prevails in the end, and the truth about Trump’s innocence shines through all the political smokescreens.

Written by Staff Reports

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