Pro-Israel Titans Demand DOJ Crush Anti-Semitic Campus Bullies!

A fiery coalition of pro-Israel organizations is taking the fight straight to the Justice Department, demanding that the hammer of justice come down on the notorious Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) for their alleged reign of terror and hatred toward Jewish students. The pro-Israel warriors, including the Zachor Legal Institute and other heavy-hitters like Americans for Peace and Tolerance, Middle East Forum, Combat Antisemitism Movement, Israeli American Council, and Jewish Policy Center, aren’t pulling any punches as they call on Attorney General Merrick Garland to take action against the menacing SJP.

The letter, exclusively obtained by the Washington Examiner, paints a chilling picture of SJP’s alleged nationwide crusade to intimidate, harass, and muzzle Jewish students. The searing missive accuses SJP of not only trampling on the First Amendment rights of American Jews but also of resorting to violent thuggery and shamelessly wielding weapons on college campuses. The pro-Israel powerhouse further alleges that SJP stoops to brazen acts of physical violence, weapon-wielding, and deploying angry mobs to block Jewish students from attending classes or using campus facilities. This can’t just be a case of simple disagreements on policy or political beliefs, this is an organized assault on the very rights of Jewish Americans.

What’s more, this explosive prosecution request comes on the heels of multiple campuses clamping down on SJP, following a hair-raising attack on Israel. The letter cites a bone-chilling incident where SJP members at the University of California, Los Angeles were reportedly seen prowling around campus with knives. The brash coalition also points an accusing finger at SJP for allegedly fanning the flames of antisemitism and making menacing threats at Ivy League bigwigs like Cornell University, Columbia University, Harvard University, and other elite institutions. Even the Department of Education has waded into the storm, launching investigations into alleged threats against Jewish students at campuses, including the University of Virginia.

The pro-Israel forces didn’t stop there – they honed in on the powerful federal “KKK laws,” which were originally crafted in the 1870s to shield newly freed African Americans from intimidation and violence. Unveiling their masterstroke, the coalition asserts that these laws have been wielded by the DOJ on issues such as police brutality and election interference, making it the perfect weapon to tackle the scourge of anti-Jewish aggression. But that’s not all. The letter boldly draws a parallel between the sordid tactics of modern antisemites, particularly those backing Palestinian terrorism, and the despicable strategies of those who opposed freeing slaves and granting equal rights to African Americans. It’s a savage history lesson on the viciousness of those who seek to oppress and suppress.

Written by Staff Reports

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