Joy Reid’s Hot Mic Fiasco Slams Biden’s War Rhetoric

MSNBC host Joy Reid had a major oopsie and had to apologize after getting caught on a hot mic cursing up a storm about President Joe Biden. The ReidOut was playing a clip of Biden talking tough about the border and Ukraine, and Reid just couldn’t keep her potty mouth shut. She called out Biden for “starting another f***ing war” on live TV. But don’t worry folks, she apologized right away, because, you know, she’s got to keep it PG-13 for all the delicate ears out there.

Biden has been making a big fuss about shutting down the border and throwing some financial aid at Ukraine. He’s yapping about reforming the border and beefing up the Border Patrol with extra agents. But House Speaker Mike Johnson, a real stand-up guy, ain’t buying it. He’s telling everyone that the Senate negotiations are going nowhere and that Biden’s plan would’ve been dead on arrival in the House. It looks like the former President Donald Trump and his Republican pals are all in on this rejection too.

And of course, this whole border and Ukraine mess is happening right when Biden is gallivanting around South Carolina for the Democratic Party’s primary election. Immigration is all the rage with voters, with more than a third of them saying it’s their top concern. It even trumps inflation in their book. Looks like Biden might need to work some magic to keep those voters happy.

Well, folks, the moral of the story is, you gotta watch what you say when those microphones are hot, especially if you’re talking about politics. And Biden better keep an eye on that border and Ukraine mess if he wants to keep those voters on his side. Let’s see if he can keep his act together or if it all goes up in flames!

Written by Staff Reports

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