Newsom’s Diversity Debacle: White-Picks Stir Up Trouble!

In a move that could spell trouble for his political future, Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom is facing criticism for appointing mostly white individuals to state offices. This decision has raised concerns and could complicate his national ambitions as well as spark support for a bill requiring the reporting of demographic data on state officials.

The report, released by Hispanas Organized for Political Equality, revealed a lack of racial diversity among Newsom’s appointments to statewide bodies in 2023. This finding has brought to light the underrepresentation of nonwhite individuals in key advisory and policymaking positions within the governor’s administration.

Despite making progress in appointing more people of color and achieving near gender parity, the governor’s office appointed 52% white individuals, while Latinos, Black people, Asian American and Pacific Islander individuals, and Native Americans received significantly fewer appointments. These numbers do not align with the demographic makeup of California’s population, where white individuals make up only 34%, while Latinos, Black people, and Asian Americans constitute larger percentages.

While Newsom’s appointments are in compliance with California’s Proposition 209, which prohibits the use of race in state appointments, contracts, and university admissions, the perceived lack of racial diversity could present a significant challenge for him within the Democratic Party. This controversy has also sparked renewed efforts to push for the collection of demographic data on state appointees. Despite Newsom’s previous veto of such a bill, the Democratic legislature is determined to address racial inequalities through initiatives like Assembly Constitutional Amendment 7.

Governor Newsom’s decision to largely appoint white individuals to state offices has raised concerns about inclusivity and fairness in his administration. This move has elicited a strong response from conservative voices, who view it as emblematic of larger issues within the Democratic Party. With critics arguing that the lack of racial diversity could harm Newsom’s political future, his handling of this controversy will undoubtedly be closely watched as he continues to navigate the complex landscape of California politics.

Written by Staff Reports

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