Juan Williams Parrots Biden’s Iraq Fable, Ignites Media Malpractice Storm

Juan Williams, a notoriously liberal mouthpiece on Fox News, recently regurgitated one of Joe Biden’s most flagrant lies, further proving that the president’s media cronies will stop at nothing to defend him. During an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Williams shamelessly repeated the debunked claim that President Biden’s son, Beau, died in Iraq. This outright falsehood was part of an attempt to justify the president’s unfaltering support for his troubled son, Hunter Biden, amid his numerous legal woes.

The absurdity of Williams’ claim becomes evident when one considers that Beau Biden tragically passed away from cancer in 2015, while the Iraq War ended in 2011. Apparently, basic facts and timelines are lost on both President Biden and his loyal mouthpiece in the media. One can’t help but wonder if anyone on Biden’s team has ever bothered to fact-check his ramblings and kindly inform him that his son did not die in Iraq.

This isn’t the first time President Biden has spun this fiction. In various speeches, he has falsely asserted that his son died in Iraq, despite the indisputable truth that Beau succumbed to cancer. Even when making remarks about inflation or recounting war stories, Biden manages to shoehorn in this deceit. His delusional narrative about his son’s death has varied from baseless speculations about a link to burn pits during his service to simply forgetting the truth altogether.

Williams’ behavior on “Fox News Sunday” is a cringe-worthy display of the depths to which the president’s supporters will stoop to defend him. It’s almost as if Williams receives a daily email from the Democratic National Committee dictating the falsehoods he is expected to perpetuate. His blind allegiance to the party line has no place in legitimate political discourse, and his dissemination of this concocted story is a disgrace.

It’s high time for the media to hold President Biden and his cheerleaders accountable for their dishonesty. Shame on Williams and the “Fox News Sunday” crew for allowing this deception to go unchallenged. The American people deserve better than partisan propaganda masquerading as news.

Written by Staff Reports

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