Kaine Dodges Border Truths as Bream Blazes on Fox News Sunday

During the most recent edition of “Fox News Sunday,” Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) proved once again that Democrats are more interested in playing word games than facing the harsh reality at our southern border. Host Shannon Bream did her best to hold Kaine’s feet to the fire, but the senator from Virginia was unapologetically evasive and unhelpful.

When Bream asked if Kaine considered the border crisis an “invasion,” he jumped at the opportunity to link the word to a tragic event, claiming that such language could incite violence. This is typical Democrat behavior, always deflecting blame and evading the real issues at hand. Instead of addressing the alarming number of people on the terror watch list apprehended at the border and the overwhelming surge of illegal immigrants, Kaine chose to criticize the terminology used to describe the grave situation.

Earlier in the show, Bream had the opportunity to speak with Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), who didn’t mince words when condemning the border crisis and placing the blame squarely on President Joe Biden and his administration. Unlike Kaine, Cotton acknowledged the role of the administration in exacerbating the problem with a flurry of disastrous executive orders.

Senator Kaine’s lackluster response to the footage of illegal immigrants swarming the border and overwhelming Texas National Guardsmen was enough to make anyone’s skin crawl. Despite being presented with irrefutable evidence of the chaos unfolding at the border, Kaine deflected blame onto Republicans and failed to address the Biden administration’s role in making the border less secure.

Bream also referenced a piece from The Federalist, highlighting the necessity of pressuring Mexico to tackle the border crisis. However, Kaine’s response was nothing short of disappointing. He scolded Bream and conveniently overlooked the need to hold Mexico accountable for their role in the ongoing border debacle.

As if Kaine’s lackluster performance wasn’t enough, he then resorted to parroting White House talking points and blaming Republicans for killing a supposed “bad bill.” It’s astounding how Kaine conveniently ignored the fact that the bill put forward was indeed flawed and failed to address the underlying issues at the border. Blaming President Trump, whose policies were undeniably effective, only serves as a feeble attempt to shift blame away from the Biden administration.

Once again, Kaine foolishly suggested that Biden could potentially issue an executive order to ease the crisis, ironically choosing to snub the very notion that the crisis could be averted through decisive action from the administration.

If the segment couldn’t get any more cringe-worthy, Kaine peddled a debunked narrative about President Trump’s comments, attempting to draw a contrast between him and Biden. It’s laughable how Kaine tried to spin a false narrative, only to be swiftly corrected on air by Bream.

The border crisis is undeniably worsening, and Democrats like Kaine are more interested in nitpicking words than addressing the root cause. President Biden’s inept handling of the situation has led to a surge in illegal crossings, and it’s high time Democrats like Kaine start facing this uncomfortable truth head-on.

It’s abundantly clear that Kaine’s attempts to deflect blame and evade the crucial issues at our border are nothing short of embarrassing. The American people deserve better than the flimsy excuses and political posturing displayed by Kaine and his fellow Democrats. It’s high time they step up to the plate and address the border crisis with the seriousness it demands.


Written by Staff Reports

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