Left Caught Spreading Fake Israel Bombing Video!

The liberal leftists are at it again with their fake news and misleading claims! A viral video circulating on X wants you to believe that Israel bombed Al-Shifa hospital, but don’t be fooled by their deceitful tactics. The truth is that the video was actually taken in Rafah and not Al-Shifa hospital. The leftists always jump to conclusions without checking their facts first, typical!

Israel’s military captured hundreds of Palestinian fighters at Al-Shifa hospital during an operation, but of course, the biased media conveniently leaves out this crucial information. Social media users, blinded by their anti-Israel agenda, spread the video claiming it shows the hospital being bombed by Israel. They never miss a chance to demonize the only democracy in the Middle East, do they?

A little digging by fact-checkers revealed that the video was posted on Instagram in Rafah, not at Al-Shifa hospital. So much for the left’s so-called “evidence” of Israeli aggression. And let’s not forget that the video was posted days before the alleged bombing of the hospital, exposing the left’s narrative for what it really is – a big fat lie!

Israel’s justified actions to protect itself are twisted by the liberal media as usual. Instead of reporting the truth, they choose to push their anti-Israel propaganda. Remember, always question the liberal narrative and seek the real facts behind the fake news. Stay vigilant against the left’s attempts to smear Israel’s name and stay strong in your support for the true defenders of freedom in the Middle East!

Written by Staff Reports

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