Levin Blasts Biden’s Impeachable Border Betrayal on Hannity

In a heated segment on Fox News' "Hannity," Mark Levin, a well-known right commentator, made a strong case for impeaching President Joe Biden. According to Levin, who was affectionately called "the Great One" by Hannity, Biden's actions cannot be impeached because of complex legal issues and constitutional grounds.

This week, the House of Representatives, which is run by Republicans, started an official impeachment investigation into Joe Biden because they think he has abused his power in very bad ways.

Levin clearly stated, "The United States Constitution mandates that the president shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed… the president of the United States has his own oath to faithfully execute the office and preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Levin made a strong case: "Joe Biden has broken every single federal immigration law that is in place." "Every day, he does it on purpose, leaving the border wide open and making the people of the United States less safe." What does that matter? Since it's a crime that can lead to impeachment.

Levin says that the way the Biden administration handled the border issue shows a clear lack of respect for law and order, which has led to more crime and less security at the border.

Then the idea of "high crimes" as defined in the Constitution's impeachment clause was brought up. Levin made it clear that Biden's failure to enforce immigration laws and the way he handled the student loan problem clearly go against this principle.

"The people who wrote the Constitution… thought about something else: British common law from the 17th and 18th centuries…" What does a big crime look like?"Biden has committed several high crimes by refusing to uphold our laws," Levin stressed.

Levin also said that Biden was going beyond what the President could do as president, especially when it came to student loans. He stressed that the President does not have the constitutional power to control the "power of the purse," which is held by the House of Representatives.

"He's not going to follow the law?" He's not going to keep the country safe? As a high crime, that is a reason to remove the president. It's really that easy. We don' need to use subpoenas. "We don't need depositions," Levin said with a strong voice.

Biden's involvement in his family's business dealings in other countries, especially possible financial violations during his 2020 presidential bid, are at the heart of the impeachment. This is similar to the political unrest that has been going on since former President Donald Trump was removed from office.

This month, the House Oversight Committee released bank records that they had been given under subpoena. The records showed that Hunter's business, Owasco P.C., sent monthly funds directly to President Biden.

The subject then turned to the legal problems that former President Donald Trump was having. Levin talked about a recent win for Trump: a federal judge decided to put an end to his January 6th case until a decision was made on Trump's claim that he is immune from prosecution because he is a former president.

The ruling was very bad for Special Counsel Jack Smith, who wanted to bring charges against Trump and have him found guilty before the 2024 election. Because of this, all upcoming court dates and targets have been put on hold, making Trump's previously planned trial date of March 4, 2024, uncertain.

At the end of his interview with Hannity, Levin asked Republican lawmakers to make the impeachment process a priority and make it easier to follow. 

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