Liberal Media Hysterical Over Conservative Board at New College

The liberal media’s obsession with attacking conservative politicians like Ron DeSantis is nothing new, and their latest target is DeSantis’ attempts to remake the board of trustees at a public college, the New College of Florida in Sarasota. The New York Times is particularly unhappy with DeSantis’ appointments to the board, which forced the president of the college to resign and caused some faculty to consider transfers.

But despite the liberal hysteria, nothing much has actually changed on campus. Even students and faculty admit that the campus hasn’t changed significantly since the conservatives took over the board of trustees. In fact, some professors even express frustration that their colleague, who served as the faculty representative on the board of trustees, was too willing to “play nice” with the new conservative board members.

The conservative board is doing things like recruiting student-athletes and trying to establish sports as part of the regular culture on campus. The nerve of these people, right? But the fact that the campus is mostly the same as it was before the new board is not stopping liberal activist Michelle Goldberg from issuing dire warnings about what happens when conservatives take over a higher learning institution.

Goldberg, who writes for the New York Times, has been warning that conservatives like DeSantis and Trump are trying to take over higher education all across the country. But this isn’t Nazi Germany, and nothing in the opinion piece would suggest any of those things would be outlawed or suppressed in any way. Goldberg and her liberal ilk are just upset that they’ve lost clout at New College, a progressive institution overwhelmingly comprised of white, wealthy students.

In the end, this is simply another case of liberals being hysterical over nothing. Everything is pretty much the same on campus. But when conservatives take over anything, liberals just can’t handle it and immediately start screaming about the supposed collapse of civilization. Thankfully, conservatives like Ron DeSantis are not afraid to stand up to these cry-bullies and get the job done.

Written by Staff Reports

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