Liberal Media Targets Justice Gorsuch with False Accusations – Legal Experts Defend Him

Liberal media outlets and left-wing groups are attacking Justice Neil Gorsuch again, this time for not disclosing the buyer of a property he partially owned. According to a report by Politico, the justice made a mistake because he didn't disclose the information about the buyer. However, legal experts quickly disputed the claims made by the news agency.

According to a story by Politico, which cited an ethics expert and Kedric Payne, a former official in the Obama administration, as the source of information regarding the buyer, Judge Gorsuch should have informed the public about the identity of the buyer. However, Mike Davis, who was a law clerk for Judge Gorsuch, noted that Payne was not a neutral source.

This is yet another example of how liberal media is biased against conservatives. In his 2017 financial report, Justice Gorsuch disclosed the sale price of the property, which was not associated with the buyer. The donor who gave the most to Gillibrand and Clinton is a Democrat. Moreover, legal experts noted that Politico likely mislabeled the transaction as a transaction involving the sale of the Walden Group, LLC stake, which means that there was no counterparty involved.

Despite this, left-wing groups and media outlets continue to attack Judge Gorsuch, trying to undermine his character and smear him. The truth is that he did nothing wrong, and he was not required to disclose the buyer's identity. It's time for the press to stop playing politics.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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