Liberals in Full MELTDOWN Mode After Trump’s Twitter Re-Instated by Elon

On Joe Biden’s birthday, Elon Musk gave him a gift that he’ll never forget. Musk reinstated Donald Trump on Twitter, and the liberals are in a full-blown state of meltdown. The servers of Twitter started to buckle under the load, and the MAGA movement is celebrating.

After over 15 million votes were cast in a Twitter poll and the peope’s voice was heard, Donald Trump was reinstated on Twitter by Musk.

After Trump was reinstated on Twitter, the angry Dems went into meltdown.

Musk justified his decision based on the results of the poll, which showed that over 134 million people saw it.

In the days following Trump’s announcement that he would run for president in 2024, his account and tweets were back up and running.

Despite the liberal outcry, free speech has prevailed. This is a huge victory for Trump and his supporters, as tech companies have been trying to silence him.

Despite the results of the poll showing that a majority of people wanted to reinstate Trump on Twitter, he said he was not interested in coming back.

In May, Musk stated that he would reverse Twitter’s ban on Trump if his proposed acquisition of the company was successful.

During this time, Musk called the ban on Trump flat-out stupid and said it was morally wrong. The people at CNN were not thrilled by the news.

Written by Staff Reports

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