Liz Harrington Exposes Libs’ Hunter Biden Blindspot!

President Trump’s spokeswoman, Liz Harrington, boldly speaks the truth that liberals are so resistant to accepting. I mean, come on, do they have a perpetual love affair with turning a blind eye to Hunter Biden’s outrageous crimes?

It’s like they have a Hunter Biden protection program. Felonies? No problem, let him walk. Lying to get a firearm? Eh, no big deal. Cheating on taxes by millions? They practically give him a standing ovation for his creativity.

But when Donald Trump blinks, the liberals are ready to throw him in jail faster than you can say “double standards.” It’s been an ongoing battle for conservatives in this country, but luckily Trump’s rise to power exposed the corrupt system for everyone to see.

Trump sees himself as a sacrificial lamb, standing up against those self-serving liberals who wouldn’t even share a slice of power pie with their own shadow. And let me tell you, he’s not alone. Many Americans feel the same way.

Even Trump’s campaign is fed up with the corruption. “The FBI, the Justice Department, they all knew about this. But what did they do? Absolutely nothing! They intentionally hid the truth about the Biden family’s corrupt dealings during the 2020 campaign,” Harrington exclaimed.

It’s mind-boggling how we currently have a president whose entire family seems to have a knack for exploiting hardworking American taxpayers. Yet, all the liberals can do is focus on chasing after Trump. Seriously, what is wrong with the Justice Department?

Harrington’s frustration is palpable as she demands answers. “They want to throw the man who dared to expose the Biden family’s misdeeds into jail? It’s like we’re living in a Banana Republic! But of course, it was President Trump who was impeached, not the Bidens for their actual wrongdoing.”

And let’s not forget the blatant lies from Joe Biden and the White House about his involvement in Hunter Biden’s business deals. We’re not dumb, Joe. We know the truth. Even Hunter himself admitted he had no business being on the board of Burisma. It was all about the Biden name, plain and simple.

The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds. But luckily, we have brave defenders like Liz Harrington who aren’t afraid to call them out and let the world know the truth. It’s time to expose the corruption and hold those responsible accountable, no matter how politically inconvenient it may be for the liberals.

Written by Staff Reports

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