Maine Crushes Loony EV Plan, Delivers Blow to Climate-Obsessed Gov

Maine recently stood strong against a series of wild proposals pushing for electric vehicle mandates, dealing a heavy blow to the climate alarmists. The Maine Board of Environmental Protection (BEP) shot down the outrageous Advanced Clean Cars program, thanks to the outcry from locals who saw through the nonsense. These proposals wanted EVs to make up a whopping 51 percent of new car purchases by 2028, shooting up to 82 percent by 2032. Can you imagine forcing Mainers to ditch their reliable gas-powered vehicles for electric ones that might not even work in the chilly winter months? Ridiculous!

Maine Senate Republican Leader Trey Stewart rightfully voiced his concerns about EVs struggling in cold weather, a common sense issue that the climate-obsessed governor seemed to overlook. With nearly 1,800 comments flooding in from the people of Maine, a staggering 84% opposed this EV mandate. Mainers made it clear that they won’t stand for impractical rules that would burden them with extra costs just to fulfill the whims of a few elitists.

Republican Rep. Jack Ducharme echoed the sentiments of many Mainers who want to be environmentally friendly but simply can’t afford the pricey EVs. Mandating such vehicles for trucks or cars won’t magically make them affordable for hardworking families. Democratic State Rep. Jared Golden also saw through the EV nonsense, recognizing that rural Maine needs realistic solutions for transportation, not some out-of-touch California-style plan. It’s refreshing to see bipartisan opposition to these lofty, unworkable mandates.

The rejection of these EV mandates dealt a major blow to the Democratic Governor Janet Mills, who is overly fixated on the climate crisis instead of focusing on the real needs of Mainers. And let’s not forget the wider EV industry, which is gasping for air after a rough year. Even left-leaning CNBC had to admit that the EV hype has fizzled out, with big car manufacturers like Ford and General Motors dialing back their electric vehicle plans. It’s about time that reality set in and consumer choice takes the driver’s seat once again.

With the Biden administration abandoning its unrealistic EV production targets due to their unpopularity and infeasibility, it’s clear that the push for electric vehicles is losing its spark. Mainers have spoken out against these misguided mandates and refused to be bullied into embracing a future that doesn’t fit their needs. Kudos to Maine for standing firm in the face of climate hysteria and for prioritizing common sense over senseless regulations. It’s a victory for freedom and practicality!

Written by Staff Reports

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