Marjorie Taylor Greene exposes left-wing hypocrisy as protesters invade House hearing

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia exposed the left-wing protesters’ hypocrisy as they invaded the Cannon House Office Building’s rotunda during a House Homeland Security Committee’s Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations, and Accountability hearing on left-wing extremism and violence. During the hearing, Greene called out the audacity of the protesters, stating that they were trying to impose their extreme agenda on everything from climate change to the debt ceiling as the hearing went on.

Greene’s office confirmed the occurrence of the protest. The Center for Popular Democracy invaded the office building to encourage their left-wing agenda, and nearly a dozen individuals were arrested during the hearing. Greene’s staff was commendable and promptly brought pictures, which she shared with the committee to back up her allegations. However, her office did not immediately provide copies of the pictures to the media.

Following Greene’s exposé, former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines testified, recounting her experience of being physically assaulted in April at a Turning Point USA event held at San Francisco State University. During the event, Gaines spoke about women’s sports, and the violence she encountered from the left-wing protestors was a testament to the very extremism that the hearing was addressing.

Moreover, the President of the San Francisco State University released a statement claiming that Gaines’ speech opposing transgender participation in women’s sports was “deeply traumatic for many in our trans and LGBTQ+ communities.” The President applauded the violent demonstrators who attacked a young woman, Riley Gaines, claiming they were doing it in support of the trans and LGBTQ+ communities.

In sum, this hearing is important in unveiling the truth about left-wing extremism and violence. The incident at Cannon House Office Building shows how the leftists are disrupting government proceedings and imposing their agenda while pretending to be tolerant and peaceful. Riley Gaines’ story is a sad reminder that violence from the left is not just happening on college campuses but has spread to all aspects of society. It is high time that we start holding them accountable.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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