Megyn Kelly Slams Stephanopoulos’ Attack on Pro-Trump Nancy Mace!

Unbelievable! The left just can’t help themselves when it comes to attacking strong conservative women like Rep. Nancy Mace, especially if they have the audacity to support former President Donald Trump. George Stephanopoulos tried to “rape-shame” Mace on national television, questioning her political choices based on her personal trauma. Despicable!

But wait, it gets even better. Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, supposed champions of the #MeToo movement, joined in to kick Mace while she was down. Hypocrites, much? It’s clear their “support” for victims only extends to those who toe their political line. Real classy, folks.

Megyn Kelly, always ready to speak truth to power, didn’t hold back in calling out Stephanopoulos for his shameful behavior. She reminded everyone of his shady past working for Bill Clinton and how he and the Clinton team went after women who accused Clinton of sexual misconduct. Talk about a double standard!

Democrats like Stephanopoulos will do anything to protect their own, even if it means trampling on actual victims like Mace. The party of “believing all women” conveniently forgets their principles when it’s politically inconvenient. It’s all about power for them, no matter who they have to throw under the bus.

Kudos to Kelly for standing up for what’s right and exposing Stephanopoulos for the hypocrite he is. It’s high time these so-called journalists are held accountable for their biased attacks on conservatives. Keep fighting the good fight, Megyn!

Written by Staff Reports

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