Michigan GOP Pushes to Make Human Smuggling, Illegal Immigration Crimes

Michigan Republicans are advocating for new laws to combat human smuggling and illegal immigration within the state. Representatives Cam Cavitt and Gina Johnsen have introduced legislation that aims to criminalize the act of bringing unauthorized individuals into Michigan, as well as the harboring and transporting of people living in or entering the country illegally.

The legislators are alarmed by the dangers associated with human smuggling, particularly given Michigan’s proximity to international borders and the Great Lakes ports. They argue that smuggled individuals often endure severe abuse, including physical violence, sexual assault, and forced labor. Johnsen emphasized the importance of delivering justice to these victims and holding offenders accountable for their actions.

The proposed legislation would empower local law enforcement to penalize those involved in human smuggling, ensuring Michigan adopts a firm stance against such illegal activities. The lawmakers are particularly focused on protecting vulnerable individuals from exploitation for personal profit and are determined to address this issue at the state level.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, there has been a notable increase in the number of migrants apprehended while crossing the northern border. Although most illegal crossings occur in states like New York, New Hampshire, and Vermont, Michigan still faces a significant amount of illegal immigration. Johnsen noted that some smugglers utilize social media to advertise their services, preying on individuals who lack protection when harmed or abused during the smuggling process.

A report by The Center Square highlighted the potential security risks posed by the reduced security at the northern border, suggesting that suspected terrorists could exploit this route to enter the United States each year. The legislators are deeply concerned about the safety of their communities, with Cavitt expressing fears about dangerous criminals crossing the Great Lakes into Michigan, thereby endangering local residents.

The proposed laws aim to address these concerns by establishing state-level penalties for human smuggling and illegal immigration. By criminalizing these activities, the lawmakers hope to protect Michigan residents and convey a strong message that such exploitation will not be tolerated in the state.



Written by Staff Reports

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