Minnesota Libs Shocked: No More Gov’t Freebies in December!

The liberal elite in Minnesota are getting a rude awakening as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is cutting off benefits for December. That’s right, big government handouts are coming to a screeching halt for nearly 436,000 Minnesotans! The horror!

The North Star State residents have been relying on Uncle Sam’s generosity to put food on the table, but alas, the gravy train is coming to a temporary stop. The recipients, who make up a whopping 8% of Minnesota’s population, will have to figure out how to budget their own grocery bills for the holidays. Oh, the humanity!

The SNAP benefits, which average a generous $157 per household member each month, are going bye-bye just in time for the most wonderful time of the year. But fear not, because those lucky few with case numbers ending in “3” will still be able to collect their benefits on Wednesday. The rest of the moochers had better have their groceries bought and paid for by Tuesday.

And what about the hardworking taxpayers who have to foot the bill for all these freebies? They’re the real victims here, folks. While struggling to make ends meet themselves, they’re forced to watch as their tax dollars are handed out to able-bodied adults who should be pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, not relying on government handouts.

But wait, there’s more! Not only are these freeloaders getting free money for food, but they’re being told what they can and can’t buy with it. No alcohol, tobacco, or prepared foods for them! Oh no, they have to stick to healthy foods at participating grocery stores, farmers markets, and some online retailers. How dare the government impose such restrictions on how their free money is spent!

So, as the holiday season approaches, let’s spare a thought for those poor souls in Minnesota who will have to make do without their SNAP benefits for the month. And let’s also spare a thought for the hardworking taxpayers who are footing the bill for this government largesse. It’s a tough world out there, folks, but at least we can all be grateful for the small blessings in our own lives.

Written by Staff Reports

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