NBC News Shatters Trans Narrative: Can’t Change Your Race!

NBC News recently published a report discussing the emerging practice of “race change,” where individuals attempt to switch races. While the outlet acknowledges that this is not yet a widespread trend, they still strive to protect the sanctity of certain races by invoking the term “appropriation.” Interestingly, NBC News uses divisive language like “who think” and “purport” to describe these individuals, even though we have been told for years to respect how people self-identify.

The report includes insights from experts who assert that it is impossible to change your race. This is quite surprising considering the similar arguments made about the fluidity of gender in the transgender movement. It seems like the media is contradicting itself by claiming that race is unchangeable despite being a cultural construct, while simultaneously arguing that gender is entirely fluid.

This contradiction highlights the flawed narrative-building of the media. They have been pushing the idea that biological realities, such as gender, are merely social constructs, but now they are saying that race, another social construct, is immutable. It’s becoming clear that the media is being undone by their own rules and guidelines.

As a conservative, it’s refreshing to see these unwieldy standards being challenged. We can step back and observe as the media struggles to reconcile their conflicting narratives. In the end, it’s best not to even bother listening to their conclusions. Let them figure it out for themselves while we focus on more important issues.

Written by Staff Reports

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