NBC News Spins a Wild Fairy Tale to Shield Biden Family

NBC News recently published an article titled “Republicans up the personal attacks on Biden and his family,” which attempted to portray Republicans as attacking President Joe Biden and his family. However, the article itself is a delusional take on the matter.

The article claims that Republicans are trying to turn Biden’s family story into a liability, despite acknowledging that his family has been one of his greatest strengths politically. It specifically references the recent focus on Biden’s granddaughter, Navy Joan Roberts, who was fathered by his son Hunter during a fling. The article fails to mention that even liberal columnist Maureen Dowd called out Biden for neglecting to acknowledge his granddaughter.

NBC News also downplays the significance of Hunter Biden’s settlement with Navy Joan’s mother, Lunden Roberts. The settlement includes lower support payments and Hunter’s paintings, which have drawn scrutiny due to their high sale prices and undisclosed buyers. The article dismisses the ethics concerns surrounding these sales, despite even the Obama administration’s ethics chief raising issues.

Interestingly, the article also shifts the focus to former President Donald Trump and his legal troubles, suggesting that Republicans’ criticisms of Biden are hypocritical. However, polls show that the American people view these charges as politicized, and Trump remains the frontrunner for the Republican nomination.

While Republicans may be highlighting Biden’s failure to acknowledge his granddaughter as part of his family, it is a valid narrative considering Biden’s self-promotion as a family man. Former Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer aptly pointed out that this inconsistency runs counter to Biden’s narrative and should not be ignored.

It is worth noting that the article conveniently leaves out any mention of Hunter Biden’s questionable business dealings and how they implicate other members of the Biden family, including the president himself. Additionally, there is no discussion of the plea deal that allows Hunter Biden to avoid jail time.

Overall, the NBC News article attempts to portray Republicans as attacking Biden’s family, but fails to address the valid concerns they raise. It is important for Republicans to continue questioning Biden’s actions and statements regarding his family, as it is inconsistent with his self-proclaimed image as a devoted family man.

Written by Staff Reports

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