White House Targets DeSantis Before Big Emmett Till Monument Reveal!

The White House is not shy about criticizing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, particularly when it comes to his education policy. In addition, President Joe Biden announced that he would establish a national monument to honor Emmett Till. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre criticized the state's history standards.

She accused the officials of Florida of spreading lies about the history of the US. One of these lies is the claim that enslaved individuals benefited from slavery.

During a speech in Florida, Kamala Harris, the US vice president, voiced her concerns about how students in the state are being taught about the false claims about slavery. The controversy centers around the curriculum revisions that have been implemented in the state's middle schools. One of the main criticisms of these changes is that they require students to learn about how slaves benefited from the skills they had learned.

In response to these claims, Governor DeSantis accused the Democrats of spreading lies about Florida's education standards. He claims that they are trying to establish an agenda that involves indoctrinating children and teaching them inappropriate sexual topics. He also stated that he would expose their lies.

It should be noted that Governor DeSantis is considering running for president in 2024. Despite the challenges that he has faced in recent weeks, he is still believed to be the only candidate who can beat Joe Biden next year. As for Karine Jean Pierre, she stated that the new education standards in Florida are very offensive and harmful. The Biden and Harris administrations are committed to fighting against these types of actions and attempts to rewrite history.

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