NY Judge Gags Trump: Rights Violated or Fair Game?

The week brought a new twist in the legal saga involving former President Donald Trump as New York Judge Juan Merchan slapped a gag order on him. Now, a gag order doesn’t mean Trump can’t speak at all, but just not about the case. However, that didn’t stop Trump from letting off some steam and calling out the judge for what he believed was a violation of his rights. Trump even pointed out that the judge’s daughter works for a Democrat-aligned political group, accusing the judge of bias because of it.

Trump, never one to shy away from a fight, took to Truth Social to vent his frustrations. He accused the judge of suffering from a case of “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” It’s no secret that Trump and the Democrats don’t exactly see eye to eye, so any connection, no matter how tenuous, was fair game for Trump to criticize.

To make matters worse, Trump claimed that the judge’s daughter had posted a picture of him behind bars, insinuating that she was out to get him. Trump didn’t hold back, suggesting that the judge should step down due to a conflict of interest. If the judge’s family is in the business of trying to take down Trump, how can he expect a fair shake in the courtroom?

Former Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker weighed in, slamming the gag order as “anti-American.” He argued that the order was a threat to free speech, a cornerstone of American democracy. Even a Trump campaign spokesman chimed in, highlighting how the gag order supposedly violated the rights of millions of Americans who support Trump. In their view, this wasn’t just about Trump, but about the rights of his supporters as well.


Written by Staff Reports

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