NYT Shields Deep State While Trump Fights to Save Your Tax Dollars!

The New York Times, in their never-ending quest to make former President Trump look bad, has decided to go all in on defending the so-called “Deep State.” They are up in arms because Trump might reinstate Schedule F to cut funding to certain government agencies. Oh no, how will the bureaucrats survive without all that taxpayer cash!

But let’s not forget that the NYT has a long history of crying wolf over the Deep State. They even made a ridiculous video trying to humanize these faceless bureaucrats. Apparently, they want us to believe that these government workers are just like us, enjoying Taylor Swift and “Star Trek” reruns while supposedly saving us from imminent doom. Give me a break! These elites are spending our money on who knows what, probably environmental justice nonsense and transgender Space Camp counselors.

The Times took a trip to Huntsville, Alabama, to visit the Marshall Space Flight Center and the EPA Water Division in Washington, D.C. They showcased these agencies as heroes for saving the planet and fixing lead pipes. But hold on a minute! Why should we be patting them on the back for doing their jobs? Shouldn’t NASA be focused on exploring space instead of pushing leftist agendas, and shouldn’t the EPA be making sure the water is safe to drink instead of playing politics?

And don’t even get me started on the Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division in Chicago. They have the nerve to talk about saving children from forced labor while turning a blind eye to the crisis at our southern border, where children are being exploited right now. These bureaucrats are out of touch with reality, and the NYT is their cheerleader.

The New York Times is trying to paint Trump as paranoid for calling out the Deep State, but in reality, they are the ones being deceptive and hypocritical. They are part of the problem, not the solution. We need to hold these bureaucrats accountable and stop letting them waste our hard-earned money on their pet projects. It’s time to drain the swamp for real!

Written by Staff Reports

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