NYT Shocking Admission: Masks Had No Effect!

In a stunning turn of events, the New York Times, a bastion of liberal thought, has finally admitted that masks have done nothing to stop the spread of Covid-19. In an op-ed by columnist Bret Stephens, the paper examined studies conducted on the efficacy of masks and concluded that there is no hard evidence to prove that face coverings help decrease the spread of the virus.

According to the study’s lead author, Oxford epidemiologist Tom Jefferson, masks, including the well-known N-95 masks, have no impact on preventing the spread of Covid. Jefferson also stated that using masks alongside other preventative measures, such as hand washing, maintaining physical distance, and air filtration, does not affect how the virus spreads.

Stephens wrote that mask mandates were a fool’s errand from the start and may have created a false sense of safety. He added that they did almost nothing to advance safety itself and that the study should be the final nail in the coffin.

Regrettably, this acknowledgment has caused disagreement among political analysts who contend that masks had no positive effect on public health. Seth Dillon, the CEO of Babylon Bee, observed that the orders had adverse effects on children, undermined public confidence, and mentally harmed millions of individuals to the extent that they still feel apprehensive about breathing in public.

Kyle Becker, the host of a podcast, condemned those who criticized him for expressing the same view as Stephens did in his op-ed. Becker asserted that he was unfairly accused of disseminating ‘misinformation’ when he shared similar thoughts years ago.

It is clear that the liberal agenda has been pushed on the American people for far too long. The mask mandates were an unnecessary burden on citizens and businesses alike, and it is a relief to finally see the New York Times admit that masks have done nothing to stop the spread of Covid-19. It is time for the Left to stop pushing their agenda on the American people and instead focus on solutions that will actually help us fight this virus.

The conservative movement has been saying this all along – masks are not effective in stopping the spread of Covid-19. It is time for liberals to stop pushing their agenda and instead focus on solutions that will actually help us fight this virus. We must continue to push back against liberal policies that have done nothing but hurt our economy and our citizens.

The preceding article is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Townhall

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