Ohio Sec of State LaRose Protects 2024 Election Integrity by Removing Non-Citizen Voters

Ohio’s Secretary of State, Frank LaRose, is taking steps to ensure that only eligible U.S. citizens are registered to vote in the upcoming 2024 presidential election. He has identified 137 non-citizens who were registered to vote and has called for the removal of such individuals from the voter rolls.

LaRose’s office has directed all county boards of elections in Ohio to review their voter rolls and send written notices to individuals who may not be U.S. citizens, asking them to confirm their citizenship status or cancel their registration. Failure to respond to these notices will result in the removal of registration from the voter rolls.

LaRose emphasized that upholding the Ohio state constitution, which specifies that only U.S. citizens can vote in elections, is his duty as Secretary of State. He also mentioned that his office will conduct an annual review of the state’s voter registration database to identify and potentially prosecute those who appear to be living in Ohio illegally and are registered to vote.

In seeking federal assistance, LaRose has requested access to databases from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Department of Homeland Security, and Social Security Administration to help identify non-citizens who may have been missed during the state’s voter registration process.

In alignment with these efforts, Republican lawmakers have advocated for the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility Act, which would require states to implement concrete proof of voters’ U.S. citizenship rather than relying solely on self-declared statements.

Overall, Secretary of State LaRose and GOP lawmakers are committed to ensuring the integrity of the election process by upholding the principle that American elections should be reserved for American citizens.

Written by Staff Reports

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