Outrage as VA Festival Snubs Hanukkah Over Israel Feud!

The Williamsburg, Virginia 2nd Sundays Art and Music Festival has stirred up quite the controversy after canceling a menorah lighting in fear that it would show support for Israel’s policies in its conflict with the Hamas terrorist group in Gaza. Oh boy, here we go again with the left trying to cancel anything remotely related to Jewish traditions or Israel. Can’t a public menorah lighting just be about celebrating Hanukkah without getting dragged into politics?

According to reports, the United Jewish Community of the Virginia Peninsula had arranged for a local rabbi to lead the menorah lighting and made it clear that the event had absolutely nothing to do with the Israel-Hamas war. But the festival’s board still got cold feet because they didn’t want to “choose sides” in the conflict. Give me a break! It’s Hanukkah, not a political rally. This is just another example of the left’s hypersensitivity and over-the-top political correctness.

The United Jewish Community of the Virginia Peninsula was rightly outraged by the festival’s decision, calling it out for what it is: antisemitism. They pointed out that it’s completely unfair to hold Jews accountable for Israel’s actions and to demand a political litmus test for their participation in unrelated community events. But this isn’t surprising coming from the same crowd that loves to cancel everything they disagree with.

Hanukkah isn’t about taking sides in a political conflict – it’s a celebration of the Jewish people’s resistance against religious oppression. It’s a time to come together as a community and spread light and joy. So, for the festival’s organizers to make this about politics is just plain wrong.

And to add insult to injury, the festival offered to reinstate the menorah lighting if it was done under a banner calling for a ceasefire. Seriously? It’s as if they’re saying, “Sure, you can celebrate your holiday, but only if you denounce Israel first.” The audacity!

The Second Sundays Art & Music Festival should be a space where everyone is welcome to celebrate their culture and traditions. Excluding the Jewish community from participating in the event goes against the very message of unity and love that the festival claims to stand for.

Let’s hope the festival organizers come to their senses and realize that their decision was harmful and exclusionary. It’s time for them to stop playing politics and start embracing the diversity and inclusivity that events like this should promote. Keep politics out of Hanukkah, and let the menorah shine bright for all to see!

Written by Staff Reports

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