Patriot Mobile Boldly Supports Israel, Defies Woke Corporate Trend

In the midst of corporations giving in to the whims of the woke mob, Patriot Mobile, a self-proclaimed “only Christian conservative wireless provider” in the nation, has stood up for what’s right in a refreshing way. The company has publicly supported Israel in the wake of opposition from both extreme leftists and the fringes of the right.

Patriot Mobile recently cosponsored the “Fort Worth Stands with Israel March and Prayer Rally” and has been involved in several similar rallies in Texas. They have now taken their demonstration a step further by flying banners with pro-Israel messages over universities facing anti-Israel protests.

The company flew a sky banner from a plane over Columbia University in New York City with the message, “God Bless Israel,” and plans to do the same over other universities with similar protests. CEO Glenn Story expressed that it’s important to show support for Jewish students and stand against anti-Semitism in America.

Chief Communications Officer Leigh Wambsganss agreed, stating that this is a spiritual, not political, battle and that the rise in anti-Semitism reflects the radical left’s deep hatred and racism.

The actions of Patriot Mobile in supporting Israel and advocating for pro-American values are commendable. Their demonstration not only supports Israel but also promotes American values. It’s important for more corporations to understand and champion American values rather than catering to a vocal minority of radical leftists.

Patriot Mobile’s brave stance goes against the destructive woke nonsense promoted by some corporations. It’s essential to stand against those who try to shut down American voices and fight for the country’s values.

Written by Staff Reports

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