Wisconsin GOP Launches Audit on State DEI Efforts Amid Democrat Opposition

The Wisconsin legislature’s audit committee, led by Republicans, decided to start an examination of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts throughout state government. This decision was met with opposition from all Democrats on the committee and follows a pledge by Republican state Assembly Speaker Robin Vos to push back against DEI initiatives.

Vos had previously taken steps to remove what he called “cancerous DEI practices” from the University of Wisconsin campuses and made progress by reaching an agreement with the university system to freeze diversity hires, among other measures.

State Auditor Joe Chrisman suggested that the review could reveal how agencies have complied with the DEI efforts, the costs of compliance, and the outcomes. On the other hand, Britt Cudaback, a spokeswoman for Gov. Tony Evers, accused Republicans of trying to “weaponize” the audit bureau for their own political agenda.

Republican Senator Eric Wimberger defended the audit by emphasizing its goal to ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent appropriately. He stated that the audit will investigate what the agencies have done, how much it has cost, and what it has achieved.

The opposition to DEI initiatives is not limited to Wisconsin, as Republicans in states like South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Florida have also taken action against similar initiatives.

Written by Staff Reports

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