Pirro Demands 25th: Biden’s Competence Torched in Hur Report!

In a scathing and compelling response to the recent special counsel Robert Hur’s report, Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro held nothing back as she passionately declared that the findings were even “worse” for President Joe Biden than a mere indictment. “This report is worse than an indictment. This report demands the 25th Amendment. And here is my constitution. This man needs to be thrown out of office,” Pirro emphatically stated on The Five, making it clear that she firmly believes Biden’s competence has been called into question by Hur’s report.

Pirro went on to express her outrage over what she sees as a clear double standard in the treatment of Biden compared to former President Donald Trump. She pointed out that while Trump faced indictment for his handling of classified documents under the Espionage Act, Biden escaped a similar fate despite holding classified documents in an open box in his garage. Pirro emphasized the disparity in the burden of proof, noting that Trump only had to be proven to have acted with “gross negligence,” while Biden was spared indictment based on a lack of “mental state of willfulness.”

The 400-page report by Hur, which covered a span of 40 years including Biden’s time as a senator, raised serious concerns about the president’s mental capacity, with Hur referring to Biden as “an elderly man” with “poor memory.” Pirro honed in on this, criticizing the notion that Biden’s inability to form intent due to his alleged lack of mental capacity somehow absolves him from indictment. She argued that if the conclusion is that “no jury will convict this guy because he is non compass mentis,” then it inherently implies that there is a belief he should be indicted, but the lack of confidence in his competency prevents it.

Despite the White House denying the characterization of the president and Biden expressing his “pleased” sentiment over the decision to not indict, Pirro’s fiery reaction echoed the sentiments of many who feel that the special treatment afforded to Biden reflects a disturbing double standard in the justice system. The call for the 25th Amendment to be invoked and for Biden to be removed from office reverberated through Pirro’s impassioned remarks, showcasing her unwavering stance on the matter.

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