Protesters Hijack Patriotism: Gaza Feud Invades US Holidays!

In a true battle of on-the-streets politics, the ongoing conflict in Gaza has prompted large-scale protests worldwide, with the United States serving as no exception. Pro-Palestinian demonstrators, who claim to advocate for a ceasefire, have resorted to disrupting unrelated events in an effort to grab attention, and it’s no secret that their tactics don’t exactly scream “sympathy magnet.” Like a kid who throws a tantrum in a toy store, these protesters are raising some major eyebrows and drawing a whole lot of groans as they try to keep their cause in the public eye.

The Washington Examiner wasn’t about to miss out on the action, so they decided to check in with Jewish Voice for Peace and If Not Now, two pro-Palestinian advocacy groups, to see whether or not they think their little stunts are actually working. Spoiler alert: They are definitely not getting rave reviews.


Let’s take a gander at three prime examples of when these pro-Palestinian protesters crashed some serious parties just to push their agenda.

First up, they tried to spoil the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, an event that is practically as American as apple pie. Normally a time for families to cozy up and watch the floats go by, this parade got a not-so-festive surprise when a group of about 30 protesters popped up, armed with Palestinian flags and a huge banner, to block the path and force the parade off course. Can you imagine trying to enjoy the parade with Grimace from McDonald’s only to find a group of protesters causing a ruckus? Not the Thanksgiving vibe we were looking for.

And if that wasn’t enough, they had the gall to crash the annual Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony, a time when folks are supposed to be feeling holly and jolly. This time, over 1,000 demonstrators marched their way into the festivities, even getting into a heated tussle with the police. Things got so out of hand that the cops had to bust out the pepper spray and start making arrests. Not quite the merry and bright scene we all had in mind for the holiday season, right?

But hold onto your hats because the most jaw-dropping stunt of all was when these protesters decided to use a memorial service for former first lady Rosalynn Carter as a backdrop for their shouting match. As the motorcade for President Joe Biden rolled up, these protesters went to town, chanting and waving signs like they were auditioning for their own reality show. The shock and disdain was palpable, with folks all over social media likening them to the infamous Westboro Baptist Church and wondering what the heck they were thinking, especially since the Carters have been known to show support for the Palestinian cause.

In the grand scheme of things, it looks like these demonstrations might be doing more harm than good for the pro-Palestinian crowd. You can bet they’ve got some serious damage control to do if they want anybody to take them seriously after these antics.

Written by Staff Reports

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