Racist Radical Hired as Equity Officer: Fox in College Park’s Henhouse!

Once again, the left proves they are incapable of true principles by hiring a racist radical to be a “Racial Equity Officer.” The city of College Park, Maryland, is the stage for this circus act, where Kayla Aliese Carter proudly spews her hate-filled messages of violence and rebellion under the guise of promoting “Black liberation.” It’s like hiring a fox to guard the henhouse!

Mayor Fazlul Kabir thought it was a brilliant idea to have Carter lead the charge in implementing a “racial equity” agenda across all city departments. But wouldn’t you know it, Carter’s idea of equity involves burning everything to the ground and starting anew. I bet the taxpayers of College Park are thrilled to know their hard-earned money is going towards funding this dangerous rhetoric.

What’s even more comical is Carter’s belief that she’ll be some sort of hero in the aftermath of a societal collapse. Newsflash, sweetheart, history shows us that troublemakers like you usually end up regretting their actions. Maybe Carter should spend less time dreaming about revolution and more time finding a job that suits her desire to do nothing but lounge in her bed all day.

It’s both shocking and unsurprising that someone like Carter, openly advocating for violence and destruction, is drawing a government salary. What a joke! This is the logical conclusion of the left’s divisive “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion” movement – hiring radicals who sow seeds of hatred and division.

In the end, it’s clear that College Park needs to cut their losses and kick Carter and her entire office to the curb. Taxpayers deserve better than to fund the delusions of a racist insurrectionist. Let’s hope common sense prevails and Carter finds a job more suited to her aspirations of laziness. After all, we all know who the real losers will be if chaos ensues – and it won’t be the ones calling for it.

Written by Staff Reports

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