Rep. Smith Criticizes Biden Over Israel Weapon Freeze, Eases Pressure on Hamas

A leading member of the House Armed Services Committee has criticized President Joe Biden for his decision to withhold weapons from Israel, claiming that the action has relieved pressure on Hamas. Rep. Adam Smith blamed the President for easing the burden on the Hamas terrorists and expressed his disagreement with Biden’s choice to make this decision public. Smith suggested that private conversations would have been more suitable in handling the matter. He further cited the possibility of imposing end-use restrictions, similar to what has been done in Ukraine, as an alternative approach.

The Democrat conveyed his belief that Biden’s decision has not been beneficial for Israel and argued that it has alleviated pressure on Hamas, contrary to what should have been done. According to Smith, the primary obstacle to achieving a ceasefire is Hamas, a point he feels is largely overlooked in the reporting. He asserted that there has been a ceasefire agreement on the table for months, which the President brokered, but Hamas has obstructed its progress. Smith emphasized the importance of maintaining pressure on Hamas to agree to the ceasefire terms put forth.

When questioned about the potential impact of publicly threatening to withhold weapons from Israel, Smith downplayed the significance of the situation, remarking that it has been blown out of proportion, with politics playing a role in the response. However, he refrained from delving into further detail, emphasizing that it is just a “small part of the larger problem.”

The Democrat’s remarks reflect the conservative perspective that President Biden’s actions have inadvertently favored Hamas and could potentially hinder efforts to secure a ceasefire. The criticism underscores the belief that public disclosure of decisions that could affect the dynamics of a conflict may have unanticipated consequences, particularly in relation to adversaries like Hamas.

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