RFK Jr Faces Biden and Trump Amid Unconventional Campaign Tactics

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign is seeking to establish its credibility as it goes up against political heavyweights President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. The campaign has made headlines for some unconventional details, such as staffers expressing concerns about the use of microwave ovens due to fears of electromagnetic radiation. This issue has sparked debate, with some claiming that microwaves pose health risks. However, a 2007 New York Times article clarified that microwave ovens are designed to be safe for use, with minimal risks of radiation leakage.

The campaign also faced scrutiny over personal details, including interactions between staffers and the candidate. Some campaign members reportedly first met Kennedy at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, and referred to him by his first name. Kennedy has publicly acknowledged his sobriety following a lengthy battle with addiction. Additionally, there were concerns raised after the candidate made a comment about being “high” during a virtual Christmas party, which was later explained as an effect of dental anesthesia.

Notably, the campaign enlisted the support of Kyle Kemper, the half-brother of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who actively promoted Kennedy’s candidacy by driving an RV adorned with campaign imagery across the United States. The campaign also initiated a fundraising program that allowed supporters to receive a 10% share of donations for every $100 raised, prompting legal concerns among some members.

Another intriguing aspect of the campaign was a Sunday prayer circle led by a reverend who opposes vaccine requirements for children, where staffers prayed for Kennedy’s “divine protection.” Despite the unconventional nature of the campaign, some members expressed doubts about Kennedy’s chances of winning outright, but believed he could potentially impact the electoral outcome by preventing either Trump or Biden from securing 270 electoral votes, leading to a congressional vote to determine the president.

Written by Staff Reports

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