RFK Jr.: Ready to Support a Post-First Trimester Abortion Ban!

Democratic 2024 presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. received some attention for his stance on abortion during a recent campaign stop in Iowa. Kennedy, who was at the State Fair along with other presidential candidates, expressed his belief that women should have the right to decide on abortion during the first three months of pregnancy. However, he clarified that after a child becomes viable outside of the womb, there should be state intervention to protect the child.

This viewpoint sets Kennedy apart from President Joe Biden and fellow candidate Marianne Williamson. Biden, in commemoration of the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, highlighted his administration’s efforts to safeguard access to reproductive health. On the other hand, Williamson has firmly stated her commitment to resisting any attempts to limit reproductive rights.

Despite Kennedy’s interesting take on abortion, a recent survey shows that he still has a long way to go in the race for the Democratic nomination. The survey indicated that 64% of potential Democratic primary voters would choose Biden, while only 13% expressed support for Kennedy. Marianne Williamson garnered 10% of the hypothetical vote, leaving 12% undecided.

While Kennedy may be new to the political campaign scene, his late father’s political history surely adds an interesting dynamic to his candidacy. However, with Biden’s strong lead and the formidable presence of Williamson, it remains to be seen if Kennedy can make a significant impact in the 2024 race.

Written by Staff Reports

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