Streisand’s Anti-Trump Album Backfires in Hypocrisy

Barbra Streisand, the Hollywood singer and self-proclaimed Democratic darling, is at it again with her new album Walls. Now, the title of this album might give you the impression that it’s a clever metaphorical reference to the political divide in our country, but no! Streisand is actually taking a page from the liberal handbook and directly addressing her disdain for President Donald Trump. Oh, the shock and awe!

In an interview with The New York Times, Streisand proudly declared that she will turn a lot of people off with her album. Well, thank you for the warning, Barbra. We can always count on you for being upfront about your liberal propaganda. One song from this masterpiece of resistance, called “Don’t Lie to Me,” explicitly attacks Trump and his supposed falsehoods. And if that wasn’t enough, the title track, “Walls,” tells us why we shouldn’t build any walls at all. Genius, I tell you!

But let’s backtrack a bit. Streisand claims that she was suddenly struck by the need to address politics in her music after lying awake at night, consumed by Trump’s “outrages.” Oh, spare us the melodrama, Barbra. Maybe instead of losing sleep over imaginary offenses, you could focus on making good music for once. But no, she couldn’t resist the urge to join the ever-growing chorus of liberals bashing our president.

When asked about the possibility of offending Trump fans, Streisand dismissively declared, “it doesn’t matter.” Of course, it doesn’t matter to her. After all, she’s a Hollywood elitist who believes that her political opinions are more important than entertaining her audience. In her mind, art “transcends” politics. Well, let me tell you, Barbra, art may transcend politics, but your ego certainly does not.

And here’s the irony of it all, folks. Just five years after Streisand spewed her liberal rhetoric, a boat full of migrants was spotted landing near her ritzy Malibu home. Isn’t it funny how public figures who champion open borders and criticize Trump’s border wall conveniently avoid the consequences of their own ideology? Streisand and her wealthy, anti-border wall neighbors didn’t have to lift a finger to help these migrants. They could comfortably stay in their multi-million dollar mansions, far removed from the reality of immigration.

Oh, the hypocrisy! Streisand’s words have come back to haunt her, exposing her as just another limousine liberal who talks a big game but doesn’t practice what she preaches. But hey, at least she managed to make a catchy tune out of her political tantrums. Keep singing, Barbra, and maybe someday you’ll realize that your music should be about bringing people together, not tearing them apart with your biased agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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