Supreme Court Ruling Protects Free Speech, Stumps Trump Indictment Attempts

Well, well, well, buckle up, folks, because this Supreme Court ruling is a blow to all those liberal prosecutors who have been itching to indict Donald Trump left and right. In a major win for free speech, the court decided in the case of Counterman v. Colorado that the bar for convicting people of making threatening statements has been raised. That’s right, folks, it’s now harder than ever to hold Trump accountable for his so-called “stolen election rhetoric.”

You see, this case involved a mentally ill stalker who sent intimidating messages to a woman online. The court had to decide what actually constitutes a “true threat” and what speech is protected under the First Amendment. It’s a tricky business, but luckily, the justices saw reason and didn’t let their liberal bias cloud their judgment.

The defendant’s lawyers argued that their client didn’t even understand what he was doing. And guess what? The court actually agreed with them! They recognized that adopting a standard of a “reasonable observer” to determine threats could have a chilling effect on speech. Thank goodness someone still cares about our freedoms!

Now, here’s the juicy part. The ruling in Counterman not only makes it harder to indict Trump, but even the far-left blog Lawfare admitted it. Can you believe it? Even the libs had to concede that without clear evidence of Trump intentionally inciting violence, any prosecution against him would be an uphill battle. Sorry, but “fiery rhetoric” doesn’t cut it. Trump never issued any threats, and he explicitly urged his supporters to remain peaceful during the Capitol protest. So much for trying to pin something on the man!

However, hold your horses, my conservative comrades, because the communist left isn’t giving up just yet. They’re desperately grasping at straws, hoping that a separate ruling by the Supreme Court in the case of Moore v. Harper will give them a lifeline. They’re trying to argue that Trump appointed “fake electors,” whatever that means. It sounds like another one of their wild conspiracy theories if you ask me. But hey, these leftists will stop at nothing to bring down their political enemies.

In the meantime, prosecutor Jack Smith is still on his relentless witch hunt against Trump under the Espionage Act. You know, because if they can’t get him with one charge, they’ll just keep throwing everything they have at him until something sticks. Classic liberal desperation, folks.

So, here we are, witnessing the Supreme Court standing up for free speech and dealing a blow to those who want to silence our voices. It’s a good day to be a conservative, my friends. Let’s keep fighting for our liberties and never back down in the face of these liberal witch hunts!

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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