Swamp King Podesta: Biden’s Climate Czar Sells Out to Swiss Billionaire

The latest swamp creature to crawl out from the murky depths of Washington, D.C., is none other than the infamous John Podesta. This guy has been slithering from one administration to the next, now landing a plush spot as a “climate czar” under Joe Biden. Can you believe it? A guy who’s probably never planted a tree in his life is now in charge of saving the planet. It’s like putting a cat in charge of guarding the cream, but hey, this is the Democratic Party we’re talking about.

And guess what? It looks like Podesta is up to his old tricks again, selling access to the highest bidder. Reports reveal that he’s been cozying up to an environmentalist group funded by some Swiss billionaire. Seriously, does the corruption ever end in the Biden administration? It’s like a never-ending episode of “Scandal” with these guys, except they’re not as good-looking.

So, this Swiss billionaire, Hansjorg Wyss, who’s bankrolling this environmental group, can’t donate directly to political candidates because he’s a foreign national. But that doesn’t stop him from pulling the strings behind the scenes, especially when he’s writing fat checks to Podesta. Coincidence? Ha! I think not. These guys probably have matching “Best Friends Forever” bracelets at this point.

And what were they discussing in this shady meeting? Oh, just ways to jack up energy prices by pausing natural gas projects. You know, because nothing says “protecting the environment” like making everyday Americans pay more for gas and electricity. It’s like they’re playing a twisted game of Robin Hood, but instead of giving to the poor, they’re lining their own pockets.

Let’s not forget the other shady characters in this drama – like Obama’s former campaign director, Jim Messina, who also popped up at this meeting. It’s like a reunion of the swamp creatures, all gathering to figure out how to screw over the American people while pretending to save the planet. The audacity of these people knows no bounds.

It’s clear as day that Biden is just a puppet in this whole charade, with operatives like Podesta pulling the strings. The real power lies in the hands of these backroom dealmakers who are more concerned about their bank accounts than the well-being of the country. And that’s the sad state of affairs we find ourselves in, folks. So buckle up, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride as long as these swamp creatures are running the show.

Written by Staff Reports

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