Swampy Tactics: Dems Thwart Kennedy’s 15K Nevada Signatures!

The news about independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. facing obstacles in Nevada is a prime example of the swampy behavior that can sometimes infect our political system. Kennedy collected a whopping 15,000 signatures, more than enough to secure a spot on the ballot, only to be hit with a roadblock because he didn’t list his running mate as required by Nevada law. Now he has to go back to the drawing board and jump through more bureaucratic hoops just to satisfy the nitpicking demands of the powers that be.

It’s a travesty that the Nevada Secretary of State, allegedly in cahoots with the Democratic National Committee, is playing these dirty tricks to derail Kennedy’s campaign. Not listing a vice president on the petition is being blown way out of proportion, especially when the state itself confirmed in writing that it wasn’t necessary. The fact that Kennedy’s campaign had their petition approved without a vice president listed and then had the rug pulled out from under them is a clear sign of underhanded tactics at play.

The corruption and deceit at play here are enough to make anyone’s blood boil. It’s a shame that instead of focusing on the issues that matter to voters, we’re dealing with a political machine that would rather play dirty tricks to keep a candidate off the ballot. The Democratic Party’s fingerprints are all over this debacle, showing once again that they will stop at nothing to protect their own interests and silence any independent voices that dare to challenge their power.

Kennedy’s campaign is right to fight back against this injustice. They’re not backing down and are taking legal action to expose the shady dealings of those trying to sabotage their campaign. It’s time to shine a spotlight on the corruption and depravity that has seeped into our democratic process, and hold those responsible for this blatant abuse of power to account. Our democracy deserves better than this kind of underhanded manipulation, and it’s up to everyday Americans to demand transparency and fairness in our elections. Let’s hope that justice prevails and that candidates like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are given a fair shot to make their case to the voters.

Written by Staff Reports

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