Texas Defies Biden’s Power Grab on Southern Border, Stands Firm for Sovereignty

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is demanding that Texas hand over control of a vital area on the southern border. The epicenter of an ongoing legal battle, Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, Texas, has been the subject of heated dispute between the state and the Biden administration. Of course, it’s no surprise that the radical left wants to strip Texas of its powers and authority. But the Lone Star State isn’t backing down.

Despite the Supreme Court ruling on Monday that allowed the Biden administration to remove the concertina wire Texas had used to deter illegal border crossings, the state wasted no time in erecting even more border wire. Clearly, Texas is serious about protecting its border and maintaining law and order. But, as always, the liberal federal government is trying to stand in the way.

It’s not just about physical barriers, though. The Biden administration accused Texas of blocking border agents from rescuing three drowning migrants in the Rio Grande. However, the Department of Justice later admitted in a court filing that they didn’t inform state authorities until after the drownings had already occurred. Once again, the left is quick to point fingers without any evidence. And yet they wonder why conservatives don’t trust them.

In response to the Biden administration’s demands for control of Shelby Park, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton stood his ground. He made it clear that the state would not back down. But, of course, the federal government always thinks it knows best. The DHS, in a letter to Paxton, claimed that Shelby Park was not truly open to the public, despite Texas allowing access for memorials, the media, and the use of the golf course adjacent to the park.

Texas is not alone in its fight for border security. Governor Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star is committed to deterring illegal border crossings and protecting sovereignty. The state has deployed reinforced concertina wire and anti-climb barriers along the Rio Grande. However, instead of supporting these efforts, the federal government continues to hinder Texas’s ability to protect its border.

It’s clear that Texas is the only state taking every possible measure to secure its borders and combat criminal activity. But the Biden administration would rather focus on allowing illegal immigrants, including children, to cross a dangerous river and put lives at risk. The federal government should be praising Texas for its commitment to the safety of its citizens, rather than trying to infringe on its rights.

Once again, we see the true colors of the left shining through. They are more interested in maintaining their power and control than they are in protecting American citizens. Thankfully, Texas is standing strong and refusing to let the federal government dictate its actions. The Lone Star State will continue to hold the line and protect its sovereignty, no matter what obstacles the liberal administration throws its way.

Written by Staff Reports

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