Tom Cotton Brands Special Counsel “Unhinged Zealot” in Trump Case

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) has unleashed a fiery tirade against special counsel Jack Smith, accusing him of being a wild-eyed zealot with a personal vendetta against former President Donald Trump. Smith, who has been spearheading the case regarding Trump’s alleged involvement in the January 6 riots and his claims of presidential immunity, has drawn the ire of Cotton for what he deems as a swift and biased approach to the trial.

Cotton took to the airwaves to blast Smith’s recent actions, pointing to the special counsel’s apparent flip-flopping on the urgency of the case. “Jack Smith is an unhinged zealot,” Cotton declared on a popular conservative news network. “Two months ago, he was singing a different tune, but now he’s scurrying around like a frightened squirrel, all in a rush to convict Trump before the election. It’s a blatant violation against DOJ rules on election interference. Smith should be removed and disciplined.”

The outrage from Cotton and other conservative voices has been further fueled by the timing of Smith’s response to the Supreme Court. While the highest court in the land seemed to be taking a measured approach by allowing Smith a week to respond, he hastily fired back the next day, leaving many on the right fuming at what they perceive as a rushed and unjust process.

In the midst of this legal maelstrom, President Trump’s legal team has been playing a strategic waiting game, strategically filing their necessary responses as deadlines loomed in order to dictate the pace of the trial and afford themselves ample time to mount a vigorous defense.

As the trial’s timeline remains uncertain, the possibility of Trump’s legal battle stretching into the heart of the 2024 campaign or even beyond the election has sent shockwaves through conservative circles. With the specter of a prolonged legal saga hanging over the political landscape, the stakes have never been higher for Republicans rallying behind their embattled leader.

Written by Staff Reports

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