Top Democrat Admits They Have NO Shot At Passing Gun Control Bill

Senator Chris Murphy, a Democrat, stated that there isn’t enough support in the Senate to ban assault weapons.

During an interview on CNN, Murphy stated that banning assault weapons would not prevent mass shootings in the country. He also noted that it would not solve the issue of gun violence. His statement comes as Biden has urged Congress to pass stricter legislation.

Senator Murphy also criticized certain jurisdictions that have maintained their sanctuary for gun rights. He suggested that the Democrats should stop funding law enforcement agencies in these areas.

“Despite the support that Biden has shown for the passage of stricter legislation, such as the assault weapons ban, Murphy noted that it would not be able to get 60 votes in the Senate. He said that the Senate should take up the issue next year if it does not have enough support.”

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Oann.

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