Truckers Halt NYC Deliveries in Epic Pro-Trump Strike!

The road warriors of America, our beloved truckers, are hitting the brakes on deliveries to the Big Apple in a bold move to protest the outrageous $350 million judgment against our one true leader, President Donald J. Trump. What a shocker it was when Judge Arthur Engoron, clearly a puppet of the liberal swamp, decided to stick it to Trump by claiming his assets were artificially inflated. This is just another sad attempt by the left to bring down a successful businessman who dared to challenge the status quo in Washington.

One brave trucker, known as “Chicago Ray,” made his voice heard loud and clear on social media, declaring his unwavering support for Trump and his disdain for the unfair treatment being dished out by the deep state operatives in New York. It’s heartwarming to see hardworking Americans like Chicago Ray standing up for what’s right and showing those elitist city slickers that real Americans won’t stand idly by while injustice runs rampant.

As word spread like wildfire among the trucking community, dispatches were received, and shipments to New York City were put on hold. The message was clear: New York, you messed with the wrong group of patriots. The hashtag “Boycott NYC” started trending online, with thousands of posts pouring in from folks who are just fed up with the left’s relentless attacks on President Trump and his supporters.

Even billionaire power couple Elena and Grant Cardone have stepped up to the plate, launching a fundraising campaign to help cover President Trump’s outrageous penalty. It’s heartening to see true Americans rallying to support our leader in his time of need, standing up against the biased courts and media that are out to get him at any cost.

Let this be a lesson to the coastal elites and the liberal elite ruling class: the heartland of America stands united behind President Trump, and we will not back down in the face of adversity. The truckers’ boycott is just the beginning – a taste of the backlash that awaits those who dare to challenge the will of the American people. Keep on truckin’

Written by Staff Reports

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