Capitol Hill Blasts Qatar’s Cozy Terrorist Tango!

Capitol Hill is grumbling louder than a bear in a honey store over Qatar’s flirtation with Hamas. The Qatari Prime Minister, Abdulrahman Al-Thani, had the cheek to suggest that releasing hostages isn’t a prerequisite for peace in Gaza. Can you believe that balderdash? Senator Ted Budd wasn’t about to take this tomfoolery lying down, exclaiming on X, “Qatar is no Molly Mormon when it comes to freeing American and Israeli hostages. It’s high time they do a Texas two-step with Hamas and kick those terrorists to the curb!”

And if that wasn’t enough, Qatar has been romancing Hamas since October 7, giving them the red carpet treatment and letting them dictate the terms of hostage negotiations. This ain’t how a pal should behave, especially one that wants to cozy up as a major non-NATO ally. Senator Roger Wicker had the gumption to call Qatar out, saying, “This ain’t just bad manners, this is plain bad form!”

But wait, there’s more! Qatar has been caught with its hand in the cookie jar, whisking away a Hamas bigwig for medical treatment. And as if that wasn’t outrageous enough, tensions between Qatar and Israel are starting to sizzle like a Fourth of July firecracker. It’s clear as day that Qatar is carrying water for Hamas, and their shenanigans ain’t fooling nobody!

The drumbeats of discontent are getting louder and louder on Capitol Hill, and it looks like Qatar might just find themselves on the outs if they don’t shape up. It’s time for Qatar to pick a side and stick to it, because nobody’s buying this two-timing tango with terrorists. Tick tock, Qatar – your teatime with terrorists is running out!

Written by Staff Reports

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