Trump Backs Chant, Slams Biden on Gaza, Restates Support for Israel

Former President Donald Trump made headlines for his response to claims that President Joe Biden is supporting “genocide” in Gaza during a campaign event in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania. When the crowd started chanting “Genocide Joe!”, Trump agreed with them, saying, “They’re not wrong.” He also criticized Biden, saying, “He’s done everything wrong.”

Many people were surprised by Trump’s agreement with the chant, as he has been known as a staunch ally of Israel. The chant implies that Biden’s support for Israel has made him complicit in a supposed “genocide” of Palestinians. However, Trump’s support for Israel was clear as he stated, “God bless the people of Israel. They’re under attack right now…it would not have happened if we were in office.”

Some people questioned Trump’s response to the chant, with some saying that he seemed unsure of how to respond to it. Others pointed out that “Genocide Joe” is a phrase used by pro-Palestine protesters against President Biden because of his unconditional support of Israel amid its onslaught in Gaza.

Despite the confusion surrounding Trump’s response, he made his support for the people of Israel clear during the Pennsylvania rally and on his social media platform, Truth Social. He commented, “AMERICA SUPPORTS ISRAEL!”

It’s important to note that Trump’s unwavering support for Israel and his criticism of Biden’s approach to the situation in Gaza align with conservative values. It’s clear from his statements that he firmly believes in standing with Israel and holds strong opinions on Biden’s handling of the conflict.

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