Trump Boots DeSantis in Liftgate Faceoff!

Former President Donald Trump has taken Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to task for the way he struts his stuff, or should I say, struts with what Trump claims are high heel lifts camouflaged in cowboy boots. During a riveting two-hour exclusive interview with Breitbart News at Mar-a-Lago, Trump didn’t hold back, suggesting that DeSantis should be forced to take off his shoes on live television to reveal what’s really hiding inside.

Trump didn’t miss a beat when he poked fun at DeSantis, claiming that the Florida governor could barely walk off the stage during a recent debate. In fact, Trump is “a little bit surprised he continues to do it” because, according to the former president, DeSantis had a tough time strutting his stuff. Trump even went as far as saying, “Somebody is going to say to him ‘take off those shoes we want to see if they’re high heels.’ He’s going to have no choice but to do it if you had a really good debater.” Trump seems convinced that beneath those macho cowboy boots, DeSantis is hiding what can only be described as “duck-like” walking support.

The internet has been buzzing with speculation about DeSantis’ choice of footwear. Various news outlets, including Politico, Vanity Fair, and New York Magazine, are dedicating considerable resources to unraveling the mystery of his alleged high heel lifts. Videos of DeSantis tripping off the debate stage have gone viral, fueling the speculation. Even President Trump himself mocked DeSantis’s stumbling at a rally, adding to the growing chorus of concern over the governor’s choice in shoes.

The narrative has gained traction during a podcast appearance in which DeSantis denied wearing lifts in his footwear, claiming that he is 5’11. However, the online community remains skeptical, with many poking fun and providing their own take on what they believe to be a high-heeled hoax.

Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Trump consistently leads DeSantis in primary and caucus polling, both nationally and in every state. With the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary just around the corner, DeSantis may find himself up against some tough competition.


Written by Staff Reports

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