Trump Demands Biden Drug Test Before Debate Amid Concerns Over Mental Fitness

Before their first presidential debate, former president Donald Trump has openly demanded that Joe Biden submit to a drug test. He talked on the 81-year-old's physical and mental health, saying he thought Biden would be "jacked up." Trump made accusations about Biden's conduct during the president's prior State of the Union speech, citing it. Rep. Greg Murphy (R-N.C.) also leveled accusations against the president and supported Trump's remarks.

In addition, Trump forecast that Biden would win the state and cited polling data that indicated Biden was up by a narrow margin while speaking at a GOP dinner in Minnesota. Trump stated that he was confident in winning the state despite the poll results, citing his solid connections in the Twin Cities.

However, Biden's campaign battleground states director, Dan Kanninen, played down the importance of the surveys, saying he didn't think they would be indicative of the general election that would take place soon. They conveyed optimism about the strength of the Biden-Harris alliance in Virginia and Minnesota.

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) responded to Trump's optimism by pointing out that Minnesota would be competitive in the next election and stressing the necessity for the Democratic Party to accept the current circumstances. He emphasized that the state still needed a lot of work done and urged other Democrats to be aware of the obstacles they might encounter.

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